27 June 2006

Pi$$ed off

Ok, this morning bleary eyed and so tired, I decided to try an alternate route into work.

Normally, it takes just under an hour to get to work, with a couple of changes here and there going through Clapham Junction, the busiest and crappiest train station in Britain.

Today, I decided to venture to Sutton as I heard tell of a fast train to Victoria that stops only at Clapham Jct. Normally, this destination would take me 30 mins from Wallington.

When I got to Sutton there was a 20 minute wait for the next train of ANY description heading to Victoria via Clapham. Not a good start.

Then I spotted a train to Wimbledon. I figured I could make it there and then take the tube. The tube's always quick isn't it, and besides I could take Clapham Jct and it's annoyances out of the equation.

Got to Wimbledon and changed to train #3 of the morning, heading to Earl's Court where I changed to train #4, just over 45 after having left Sutton and a full 75 minutes since leaving Wallington.

The whole journey from Earl to Baron's Court was spent fuming at how I had left for work hours early and was arrived almost on time.

I'm sure there are people out there who commute hours each way every day, but that's their choice not mine.

I tried an experiment and it failed. Miserably.