05 January 2007

New PC

After DECADES of being what in the trade is known as a "homebuilder", I've decided that I finally want to buy myself a new PC that someone else built. I want the OS already there, I want the hard drive run through, the memory compatible with the video card - all that!

In my hunt for this elusive beast, I've realised that one of the things I was trying to avoid - the INCREDIBLE amount of research needed to acquire the perfect machine - is just as intense in the pre-built market as it is in the home build market, maybe more so.

When I was building my own machines, I could scrimp here or spend stupidly there, opting for a terrabyte of storage for the sake of a slower CPU. What I've discovered in the pre-built market is "nothing's free". If that amazing machine is cheap, look under the hood, the parts will be too. On board graphics that don't allow DVI, or an LCD screen that's analogue only.

It's all a huge headache, but a fun one as it's dumping me in the deep end of the market and I'm having to learn to swim, now with added sharks (in the form of dodgy spec machines).

I'll keep you posted and hopefully post (soon) from the new 8th wonder of the world!