25 February 2007

New PC. Done.

This weekend, I finally dropped all pretenses of being an uber computer geek and bought myself a fully boxed, put together, plugin and go computer. AND to rub salt in my cool quotient wounds, I bought it from PC World.

Is anyone still there or are you all mourning the death of what made me me? I know I am, a little bit.

The PC is a kicking machine, shuts down in no time, has two processors (which must be good, right?)

To claw back any credibility, I did get it for a good deal, and bought just the base unit, so I didn't get suckered into any of those low-rent monitors PC World try and hawk. How can they sell top spec PCs and then top it off with monitors that don't even have DVI (ah... feel that? my inner geek is returning!)

It's nice to finally have a copy of Windows that the WGA agrees with and I've got a legit copy of Vista on it's way too. Oh, and if you haven't experienced Windows Media Centre Edition, what are you waiting for? It's the missing link, dragging the PC into more of a living room machine. Great for all your MP3s and video you may have acquired from the web.

Now the unenviable task of rebuilding my old PC on the new one begins. Sort of like rebuilding Pompeii after Vesuvius. Do I bother?

05 February 2007

What's that smell?

I was on the train today back from Victoria and was reading Canada Post, the free rag for Canadians living in the UK.

Most of it is HIDEOUSLY out of date, but there was a brief article on Sarnia and some oil fire that had been burning. They've decided to let it run its course and all that, but it got me thinking back to - of all things - the horrid, horrid smell of Sarnia's Chemical Valley. The ripe stink of oil and plastic and all those oil-based products still haunts my olfactory senses to this day.

In fact, while I was reading the article on the train, my memory obviously kicked into overdrive and delivered a remembered dose of the stink to my nose. Man it reeks!

To add the ironic level to this event, I was hanging with my Sarnia crony Fraser today, discussing places to take my wife when we visit (she has not had to pleasure of a Sarnia trip yet). His overwhelming "must see" was the stink of Chemical Valley... then chips under the bridge, Ice Cream Galore, over to the States, etc, etc.

Weird how life works some times.