26 November 2007

Rooftop Illnesses

You know when you have something wrong with you and you automatically fear the worst?

I did a search on Google for my symptoms today and it looks like I don't have neck cancer, which is what I thought I had. Turns out it may be shingles, or adult chickenpox (according to the symptoms and the rather graphic images). Apparently you can only get it if you've had chickenpox, so check on that one.

I read the wikipedia entry as well as webmed.com (I think) and from what I can tell I won't die, but I might be contagious, so I guess it's a good time to FINALLY register with a local doctor. This week's gonna be fun!

16 November 2007

Oink RIP

Ok ok, I know the news is about a month old, but I do miss the old piggy. That's not really the point of this post though. Since the demise of the pink palace (or actually, slightly before I think), I'd started getting into the phenomenon known as the mp3blog. This is basically where people offer tunes to download to backup a bit of editorial copy they've written.

So, for instance, if I was waxing poetic about a new remix of Duran Duran's latest single "Falling Down", to punctuate my musings I'd post a link to the mp3. Some of the new versions of music players actually allow you to subscribe to these blogs and scrape the tunes from them (ok, I mean Winamp 5.5).

Now my forte is currently 80s remixes that are harder to find than duck's teeth. Most of the collections around take the popular stuff, sure, but no hits collection will give you 9 mixes of a track, or the b-side or the b-side remix or the promo only remixes. This used to be where Oink excelled and now I'm happy to say that apart from the stuff I'm looking for, I've actually discovered a few new mixes of tracks I didn't know about and am actively searching out new artists when I pop into HMV.