03 October 2006

October means jack the prices up!

I was out and about yesterday - as were most people - and my favourite coffee shack, Caffe Nero, decided to use October to jack their prices up. This was at first quite jarring, even though it amounts to only 10p per cup of their hot brown loving.

They've had the lowest prices on the high street for some time and any increase was seen as an affront to this secret pact we had - I'd patronise them and they'd stay relatively low priced. Of coures, I felt betrayed, but soldiered on.

At lunch time, I mosied to Tesco to get a sarnie and a ludicrously low-priced bottle of Pepsi Max (41p). True to form, Tesco had decided to use October to jack their Pepsi Max price up to 45p.

Now I realise to combined outlay of these two products amounts to roughly 14p, but I find it quite interesting that both items have been low priced for ages and then - in some sort of odd synergistic twist - are both increased in price on the same day.

I think the cosmos is slowly conspiring against me.